Drift Handcrafted Wooden Eyewear

Posted on June 30, 2011



“DRIFT Eyewear® is a company founded on quality, craftsmanship, and a desire to push the eyewear industry to a new level through technological innovation and ecological consciousness.

Don’t be the same…At DRIFT we strive to be unique in every way. Our products are like nothing you will find anywhere else. DRIFT Eyewear® is a seamless fusion between nostalgic style and new-age expression. All of our products are hand-crafted with a passion for breaking the barriers of style and quality.

Keep it clean…All of the materials used to craft our products are carefully chosen with the environment in mind. Our wood materials are carefully selected from fair-source suppliers who share the DRIFT mentality toward ecology. When you wear DRIFT you are supporting your environment by supporting the businesses that help keep our air clean, our water clear, and our forests healthy.“



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