YBR was created in 2011 but was conceptualized many years before. After much procrastination and hesitation it was finally born.

It was created to showcase talent across all industries in the hopes of inspiring others. The ideology of people inspiring people is something we aim to build and a culture we hope to create. Through our in-depth interviews of how each person got to where they are and some insight of where they plan to go, we hope that many will finally follow their dreams. The age-old question “if you knew you couldn’t fail at anything what wouldn’t you try?” resonates deep within our world. We only have a short time on this amazing place we call earth and you have to seize every moment. Everyone who is on YBR is someone who is living their life and following their dreams.

We are all young, bright and rich. What are you waiting for?


To discover and showcase the people that follow their dreams.


Young.Bright.Rich is meant to represent a way of life rather than a literal meaning. Young meaning to live life in a youthful way. Bright is to represent those creative and passionate minds. Rich is much more than monetary success, it is to have rich relationships, experiences and lives.

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